Who am I?

I learned my first needle art at the ripe old age of seven when my mother taught me crewel embroidery for my Girl Scout Needlework badge, and I haven’t put down a needle since. I’ve done crewel, embroidery, cross-stitch, needle point – all of the needle arts – but nothing has appealed to me as much as beadwork.

I started beading in 1970 while in high school, and started selling my jewelry designs in 1985. In 1997, my sister-in-law and I started a little company called Bumble Beads and we sold Delica® beads and a few spools of thread. The inventory slowly expanded to carry other types of beads as well, and in 2000 we started offering classes. For a short time I had a storefront in San Marcos, by have since returned to working from home. In 2004, I laid Bumble Beads to rest and started focusing on the artistic aspect of beadwork rather than supplying others with beads.

Now I teach beadwork techniques, design and sell beadwork projects, and sell my finished beadwork pieces at fine art shows. I have successfully participated in the Austin Artists Harvest Fine Arts Show (also known as the Fine Arts Creative Expressions of Texas, or FACET), the Pecan Street Art Show and the Buda Fine Arts Festival. I have taught extensively for the Embroiders' Guild of America (EGA) including the Austin Stitchery Guild and its Georgetown satellite group. I have also taught for various bead stores in Texas, the San Antonio Bead and Ornament Society, and have hosted classes in my home and in the homes of friends. I taught two classes at the 2007 EGA South Central Region Seminar and in 2008 I became the first teacher to have taught two sessions of the same class at the South Central Region seminar. I also taught a class for the 2010 EGA Tennessee Valley Region Seminar, and have been selected to teach at the 2011 EGA New England Regional Seminar.

My specialty is beadwork containing natural themes and lots of texture, both visual and physical, with seed beads. I love the way light plays on small bits of glass, creating ever-changing colors and hues. This is not something I’ve been able to recreate in any other medium. I have learned my craft from books and publications, local beadwork teachers and nationally known teachers.

As for my other jewelry, I love unique pieces that make you feel nostalgic. My favorite metals are copper and bronze. I love the warmth they convey and their colors work with everything. I am not afraid to mix materials or metals, so sometimes anything goes. I rarely mass produce because I believe everyone should flaunt their individuality.

In addition to teaching and designing, I take care of my wonderful family, consisting of a husband, two daughters, son-in-law and three grandsons. I received a B.A. in French from Trinity University, with a certification in secondary level teaching; however, I have found much more gratification in teaching beadwork! I am also working on a new degree in Nutrition, but more on that later.